Apple Vision Pro Wants to Be the $3499 AR Headset Revolution

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Apple is entering the augmented reality (AR) headset space with its very slick – and very expensive – Vision Pro, as announced during WWDC 2023. It’s a stunning piece of technology that looks comfortable to wear. It’s meant to be an all-in-one device that lets users watch movies, work on projects, browse photos and web pages, play games, FaceTime your family, and a lot more. It’s all controlled with the wearer’s hands, voice, and eyes, so you don’t need to worry about physical remotes, though that option is still there, too. It’s essentially a personal computer that can be used anywhere and take you anywhere. The catch? Apple Vision Pro lands with a price of $3499.

Apple Vision Pro Price and Features

Yeah, so if you’re interested in Apple Vision Pro as nothing more than a gaming device, you might want to look into a Meta Quest 3 or PlayStation VR 2 instead. The tech is certainly impressive, but it might take some time to catch on at such a steep price. Apple’s justification for the high cost is that Vision Pro essentially works not only as a gaming device or even a laptop but as a brand new, high-end television and learning device, too. The tech company is selling it as a pair of glasses that can let you relive cherished moments, learn, and take on new experiences thanks to convincing spatial audio and Unity technology.

Over 100 Apple Arcade games will be available out of the box, and it seems some of them will support standard controllers like the PlayStation 5’s DualSense as well as Apple Vision Pro’s hands-free approach. The company is also partnering with Disney to bring Disney+ to the device on day one. Additionally, if the reveal is anything to go by, it looks like subscribers will have the option for special augmented reality experiences for their favorite Disney+ content. This includes immersive National Geographic experiences, 3D entertainment hubs for sports, and Mickey Mouse will… run around your living room?

You can block out the world to watch videos in the headset if you want, but there is also a contextual “EyeSight” feature that reveals your eyes to other people and offers important cues to others about what you’re focused on. The idea is to make everyone still feel present in a room together, regardless of who is using Vision Pro.

Apple calls the Vision Pro its most ambitious product yet, but the full scope of its features isn’t completely clear yet. We do know that its unplugged battery life comes in at only two hours, but it can be plugged in for continuous use. Apple wants to position this device as the next great tech revolution following the likes of the iPhone, but between this AR headset’s price tag and the ongoing slow adoption rate of AR and VR, the verdict on Apple Vision Pro is still out. You can see the Apple Vision Pro presentation below.

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